What to Do when Storage Space Isn’t Enough in Your Clayton Home

Category: Home Building

If asked, most Clayton homeowners will tell you they don’t have enough storage in their house. While this is certainly true in many homes, it is also true in many other homes that there is enough storage space, but the space isn’t being used efficiently.  So what can you do when the storage space you have isn’t enough?


First, evaluate your use of the storage space you have. Take the time to look at every storage space you have in your Clayton home. How much space is wasted?  What would make the space more efficient?  In many homes, there is more than enough storage space if it is just organized more effectively.  It is very frustrating, for example, to have to pull everything out of a deep closet to find the single item you are looking for. But a little bit of organization can reduce the frustration.


Second, evaluate what you are storing. We all accumulate things over time. And, some of us are hopeless pack rats. Are you wasting valuable storage space on things you haven’t used in years and probably won’t ever use again?  Maybe it’s time for a good yard sale!


Third, figure out how to make the available space more efficient and more accessible.  If organization is just not your thing, see if a friend or family member can help with the task. Otherwise, hire an organization specialist.  These folks can quickly help you find ways to maximize your storage space and make everything more accessible.


Fourth, decide whether to build your organizational structure or have the organization specialist bring in ready-made closet inserts and the like.  Think about adding trays or dividers in drawers. Adding shelves or compartments in closets can quickly bring order to chaos.  Consider slide-out shelves or lazy Susans in larger spaces where it is difficult to reach things in the back.


Finally, look for small unused spaces that can be converted to storage.  For example, if you need a place to store canned goods in the kitchen, consider using that 4” space beside the oven.  Do you need a place for baking trays and cookie sheets? Look for a narrow space that isn’t being used and convert it to a storage area.  And don’t forget about brackets that will allow you to use the wasted space near the ceiling of the garage.


If you are willing to organize your storage space for maximum usefulness and invest in a few organizing items or a little bit of lumber to build shelves, you might find that you actually have sufficient space for the things you need without trying to add storage space.


If you decide you need to build some storage areas, you might start by looking up and down. Basements are a great place for spacious storage closets.  Attics offer amazing possibilities, especially in the areas under the eaves that cannot be used for living space.


Think creatively and learn to organize. You will probably be able to create the additional storage space you need with minimal cost.

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