Professional Landscaping – A Smart Investment in Clayton

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Many homeowners appreciate the beauty and livability that professional Clayton landscaping can add to their homes. However, not everyone realizes that quality landscaping can offer substantial economic benefits, as well.

Compared to other popular home improvement projects, landscaping offers homeowners a particularly high return on investment (ROI). Professional landscaping can add as much as 14% to a home’s resale value, allowing homeowners to recover as much as 100% of their initial investment. A mature tree may even add anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 to the value of the home. In addition to raising the sale price, attractive landscaping may also help homeowners find a buyer more quickly.

If you have no intention of selling your home any time soon, landscaping may still be economically advantageous. In addition to increasing the value of your Clayton home, landscaping is also helpful in lowering energy bills. At a time when energy-efficient products and appliances are all the rage, trees are beautiful, natural solutions for energy conservation.

Well-placed trees can reduce a household’s heating and cooling costs by as much as 25%. During the winter, trees can block harsh winter winds, keeping the house warmer. In the summer, a single large tree can absorb as much heat as several window air conditioners, reducing the temperature in the immediately surrounding area by as much as 10 degrees.

Whether you are planning to sell your home or to enjoy it for years to come, professional landscaping is a practical investment which will enhance both the beauty and the value of your home.

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